Terms of service

After registering and starting to use NearVPN, you (“User'') automatically agree to the Terms of service and guarantee their fulfillment.

The User has the right to access the NearVPN service, the https://nearvpn.com website, customer support and software.

Please read the Terms of service carefully. This will help both parties to comply with mutual obligations. If for some reason you do not agree with our terms, then you should refuse to use the product.

We provide service only to persons over 18 years old. By registering in the service, you automatically confirm that you are over 18 years old.

After familiarizing yourself with the terms, check out our Privacy Policy.

About the product.

NearVPN is a service that ensures your anonymity while browsing the Internet. We hide your real IP address and replace it with ours. Your safety remains high. But keep in mind that traffic can be collected. Encrypted, but still. Therefore, we can guarantee 99% out of 100 anonymity.

You can use NearVPN right from the moment of registration.

This agreement enters into force immediately after the registration is completed and is valid until the termination of the use of the service.

By agreeing to our Terms, you agree to use the service without causing harm to other users and the service itself. If you violate this agreement, NearVPN has the right to restrict your access to the service immediately.

We are responsible for not disclosing your email and account password to third parties and not using your data for personal value.

You may not use the service to harm or inconvenience other people. This includes the distribution of inappropriate content, spam, threats or insults, the distribution of content that calls for violence or hate.

If we detect such actions on your account, we have every right to block your access to the service instantly without the right to restore.

NearVPN undertakes to fix any problems with the service within 24 hours from the moment of the User's request. However, we are not responsible for failures caused by a breakdown of the User's equipment, problems of the Internet provider or natural disasters. NearVPN is only responsible for providing online anonymity and security services.

In case of planned work on our servers, NearVPN undertakes to notify the Users in advance. We undertake to carry out any technical work strictly within the time frame specified by us.

These Terms have been compiled based on the preservation of legal human rights and current legislation. NearVPN reserves the right to change the Terms, but within the framework permitted by law and agreement of the parties. If the changes cause you disagreement or in any way violate your rights, then stop using the service immediately.